Windsor Salt and Pepper $.99!!

This week there’s a great deal on Windsor Black Peppercorns & Windsor salt (includes pink Himalayan salt) for $3.99!!

These are the grinder ones, so you’ll be grinding fresh salt & pepper on your food!

Wait, it gets better! If you have a Scene card, and you purchase one or more, you’ll get 300 points ($3) for each one purchased.

I just bought 3 for $11.97 and got 900 points back ($9), so I cashed in 1000 points ($10) and it cost me $1.97 plus tax for 3 of them.

Check soon, because stock might be low since the deal ends tomorrow!

Don’t have a Scene card? Sign up for one HERE and they’ll mail one out to you.

Don’t miss out on extra points and savings by not having a Scene card!

p.s. They sell for $4.29 in most other stores including No Frills so this is a great deal!


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