Want to Earn $2500 from PC & Powerhouse Casting?


They are looking for people that LOVE their PC MASTERCARD

If you have a great story, thought or idea you want to share, we’d love to hear it. We might shape the campaign around your story!
If you have other family members in your story, get them on camera too.

• What do you love most about your PC Mastercard? What could be improved?
• Ever redeem your points for something special or frivolous? Tell us what it was.
• Any fun “hack” strategies we should hear for buying with your PC Mastercard to get the most points possible?

PC Organics Customers – New Parents or Parents with a Baby

They’re looking for new parents that CHOOSE PC ORGANIC PRODUCTS for their newborn or toddler – or Parents with a baby in the mix!
Some examples of stories…
• What do you like about PC Organics? Any product favorites?
• Any picky eaters in the family? Has PC Organics won them over?
• How important is it to keep organic choices affordable?
• What could we improve on? Honest feedback always welcome.
Or whatever question/thoughts you come up with –

If you’re interested in sharing your story or thoughts, this could be worth $2500 if you end up in their commercial!!

In order to apply for this opportunity, you need to do the following:

Shoot a video on your phone and send it to us.

Upload your video to PCcasting2022@gmail.com – subject line – “PC Organic” or “PC Mastercard”

In your accompanying email – Make sure we have all your contacts, and please include where you are from in Canada.

Shoot dates – this commercial shoot the Week of June 6 / 2022

What does this Pay – $2500 for our lead person, and $750 for each additional family member.

Photography: If we use you in our photography campaign – We will give an additional $800 for your image.

If your file is too large, send it via wetranfer.com – just make sure it is properly labelled with your name.

Lastly – if you’ve been in an Other Grocery Store campaign or a Walmart or Costco commercial in the last 8 months….we’ll see you next time.

Deadline for submission – April 6, 2022 – 10am sharp – but send it sooner if possible.


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