Walmart Canada Eliminating Plastic Bags

Walmart Canada has opted to eliminated the use of plastic bags in their stores, and they will no longer be offering them at checkout for bagging.

This means that you will have to bring your own bags when shopping at Walmart. If you don’t have your own bags,  you will be offered low-cost, high-quality reusable options, if needed.

The changes apply to in-store purchases along with online grocery pickup and delivery orders.

The phased approach will see all of Walmart’s more than 400 Canadian locations make the change by end of April 2022.

At present some stores have already converted to zero plastic bags at checkout, and because of the success of the test project, Walmart has decided to eliminate plastic bags at the rest of their 400 Canadian locations.

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Walmart has also been actively eliminating single-use plastic straws in-store and replacing them with paper alternatives, taking approximately 35 million single-use plastic straws out of circulation annually

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