Time To Meal Plan For This Week !

Happy Friday!

Let’s check out this weeks flyers and see what meal planning & recipe ideas we find!

  • Amazing Prime Rib is on sale in Ontario this week! Have you avoided purchasing this wonderful cut of beef because you are unsure of how to cook it ?  I was too! Then I decided to get one and just roast it like any other roast – and it was AMAZING! Try it! But here are a couple of ideas for you also:  This even has a video! Boneless Prime Rib Recipe.

  • In Quebec this week Cook’s Dinner Hams are on sale for a great price too! After I cook it the “usual” way I use the leftovers to make this amazing soup (I omit the yogurt) ! Pair it with these very easy Homemade Biscuits !

  • Whole Chickens are on sale in Quebec and Ontario, East & West . Lets try this delicious looking Masala Roast Chicken and it includes a video!  Or try this one: Slow Cooker Chicken Adobo

  • There are A LOT of veggies on sale this week across Canada : Sweet Potatoes , Asparagus, Zucchini, Peppers, Celery, & Broccoli ! Why not buy a variety and throw them on a sheet pan and have roasted veggies for your meal!

    And Enjoy ! Also, remember if you have a great recipe (even unique) that you use for these meats post a comment below and share your goodness with others 🙂

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