SWEET Smellin’ Deal At Shoppers Drug Mart! ONE DAY ONLY!!

Today is a One Day Flash sale on Dove, Axe, Tresemme, etc BOGO at Shoppers Drug Mart. *You Must have this Personal Offer on your APP in order to take advantage of the deal.

There are a few options for this BOGO Deal

  1. Dove Deoderant is on sale 2/$7. You can use a $1 or a $2 coupon on the one item you’re paying for and get the second one FREE. So it works out to $3.50 for both minus $2 coupon= $1.50 for 2 Dove deoderants
  2. Axe Deoderant (men’s or women’s ) is on sale for approx. $7.99 regular price, PLUS earn 5000 points when you buy 2. You can use your $1 or $2 coupon on one and get the second for FREE. Here is the breakdown= $7.99 – $2 – 5K= $0.99 for 2 Axe deoderants.
  3. Dove spray deodorant is approx. $7.99. There is a $2 and $1 coupon also. Plus earn 1000 points when you buy 2. This is the calculation= $7.99 -$2 -1000 points= $4.99 for 2 spray deoderants.
  4. Dove haircare is approx. $7.99. There is also a $1 or $2 Locker room coupon. Plus earn 3000 points when you buy 2. The Breakdown for this is = $7.99 – $2 -3K= $2.99 for 2 bottles.

*this is for the Ontario flyer.

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