SDM Optimum Points


A Guide to Understanding

Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points are an excellent way to make your money go further. You can collect points on almost anything purchased from Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM). You must have an Optimum card to collect points, if you don’t have one, just ask your cashier the next time you’re in. The Optimum program allows you to collect regular points as well as occasional bonus points.

Once you have an active Optimum card, download the SDM app on your phone. Your family members can also have an Optimum card with a separate account, OR download the app and log in through the same account to collect towards one account. Once a week, SDM releases personalized offers through the app that you can load to your card for bonus points AND offers (coupons).

Points are earned by every dollar spent PLUS bonus offers. For every dollar spent at SDM you will earn 10 Optimum points. You must have a minimum of 8000 points to redeem.
8,000 points – $10 off your purchase
22,000 – $30 off your purchase
38,000 – $60 off your purchase
50,000 – $85 off your purchase
95,000 – $170 off your purchase
The more points you have the more of a savings you will get. Try your best to let your points build to the 95,000 mark. Cashing in 8000 points twelve times (96,000 points) will only get you $120 value where as if you cash in with 95,000 points you will get $170 value.

SDM often has bonus point’s events, such as “Saturday and Sunday, spend $75 get a bonus 18,500 points” or “20X the points”. This is the best time to do your shopping at SDM. Not only will you get the regular points, but you will also receive the bonus points specified for that event. You will earn SDM points for purchasing SDM gift cards (only SDM, no other gift cards). Purchasing a gift card before you shop is another great way to get some extra points. You will not get any bonus points for this purchase, but you will when you spend it during an event.

Redeeming your points is very simple, no hassle. Just let your cashier know that you would like to use them. SDM occasionally has “mega redemption” events. These events will give you extra value for your points. Instead of $170 for 95,000 points, this will give you the opportunity to increase that value to $200 or stated in the description of the event. These events do not happen often, but are most definitely are another way to make the most of your points.

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