Be the First To Try New Products!

Want to be the First to Try New Products? Check this Out!


By Cora Fong

The following is a list of websites where you can sign up to test and review new products. What you qualify for, you keep!


This site is super easy to use with products ranging from toys, beauty and health products. Just fill out surveys and wait for an opportunity that fits you and your family. By filling out surveys and completing reviews (social media and retailer websites), earn points on which can be redeemed for various rewards. Maintain your reputation on the site for greater chances at other testing opportunities. Click here for BzzAgent

Chick Advisor
Do you like beauty products? This group may be of interest to you. Opportunities to test new products are available upon survey completion. Otherwise, the site hosts community that discusses and reviews a variety of products (you can review products you have tried—not only the new products you need to qualify for). Add reviews for opportunities to earn badges as well as entries to various contests. Click here for Chick Advisor


Family Rated

Family Rated is part of the Chick Advisor Club, where you test products and provide reviews. Click here to sign up for Family Rated


Home Tester Club

Try and review new products that have recently been released in the market. The website has a database of reviews for new products so that you can read opinions before shelling out money for something new. Click here for Home Tester Club


Beauty products are the focus of this group. Sign up to test various products and advertise your reviews through your social media outlets. All sorts of reviews are available to search. The more you advertise on social media, the more entries you receive to win prizes. Click here for Influenster



Sign up to get e-mail notifications about testing opportunities. Once you are notified, login to indicate your interest by completing a survey. Click here for McCormick



Parent Tested Parent Approved (Toronto-based)

All sorts of products are tested for children ranging from infants to toys for young children. These products are often featured in Today’s Parent magazine. Fill out your profile with your child’s information and they’ll contact you when you may qualify for a product to test. The restriction here is that you must be able to pick up the product from their office located in Concord, ON which is only open during regular workday hours and within three days of being accepted to test a product. Click here for PTPA



Social Nature

Social Nature. Want it? Try it, share it. Sign up and have products and coupons sent to you in exchange for a product review! Sign up for Social Nature here


XY Stuff 

Share the love and XYStuff offers with your online friends! Part of Chick Advisor, XY Stuff members actively share Product Review Club offers and recent reviews online to express their excitement to friends and family. XYStuff is all about loving, sharing and rating your favorite products/experiences/shops. Click here to join XY Stuf

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