Pat’s Picks for this Week Sept 7-13, 2023

Here are my picks for this week.

I feel there are only a few really good deals at No Frills this week. There are a couple of ‘this is an amazing deal’ but the majority of them aren’t really stock up or great prices. If you have points offers, then the deals are better!

 I like 10 this week at No Frills, the last 3 are at Zehrs. I can pm my local Zehrs at No Frills so if you can it saves you a trip.

If you have a Loblaws, or Independent, the same Zehrs deals might be in those flyers.


Campbell’s select condensed soups $.79!

Ziggy’s Salad or Pasta $2.50!

Broccoli, Peppers and Mushrooms only $.99! Great for making a stir fry this week!

Lysol 350g $5.49 plus 500 points, making it $4.99, but get the $1 printable coupon HERE and pay only $3.99!

Great price on Pillers Deli meat this week, ONLY $9 for 3 packages

Schneider’s Chicken Wings $6.99! Pair this with the cole slaw for a summer meal.

Kellogg’s cereal 3000 ($3) points for every $10 spent. If you have Kellogg’s coupons, they can be matched up by size and flavour for more savings.

Good deal on Pet Food & Supplies. 5000 points ($5) for every $25 spent. Pair what you can up with the Purina coupons for more savings. Check HERE or coupons 

Best deal we’ve seen on Olive Oil in years. This week only $3.99 after getting the 2000 points.

Post Cereal for $2.79 this week! Select sizes


A dozen Large White NN Eggs for ONLY $1.99 this week at Zehrs

Good price on Magnum or Ben & Jerry’s this week at Zehrs, ONLY $3.49 EA WUB2. On sale for $3.99 EA plus you get 1000 pts WUB2!

Chapman’s Super Premium Plus ice cream for $.99 if you have the $3 coupon which is good until Dec 2024! Even $3.99 is a good price if you don’t have the coupon!

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