Pat’s Picks for this Week Sept 28-Oct 4, 2023

There are some good deals this week! Some of them are on housewares too!

I’ve only selected No Frills deals this week because there are a lot of good ones this week, just low prices, and none of them need coupons.

Don’t forget to check your personal offers! They can make the difference between a good deal, a great deal or a freebie!!

Here are my picks for this week.


18 Pack of Eggs for only $3.99 is a good deal

3 Pack of Romaine only $1.99

Barilla pasta and Garden Select sauce only $1.25. Add a Caesar salad with the romaine deal (above) with a Caesar dressing and you’ve got a meal for around $5

Planning on baking this fall or for Christmas, NN flour only $7.99 after 2000 points for 10kg (22lbs)

If you don’t need a big ham for Thanksgiving, pick up this Schneider’s ham for $6.99/lb, add in the great deal on 10lbs of potatoes for under $2 and you can keep your Thanksgiving costs down.

Cranberry sauce $1.59

Piller’s Kolbossa or Boursin Cheese only $3.99! Both great for app dishes or a snack

Gay Lea butter only $4.99

Sugar $1.88

Good deal on the larger packs of Chapman’s ice cream bars, only $4.99

Great deal on a 10lb bag of potatoes @ $1.94

If you need baking dishes, here are some awesome prices. Check out the home section. These even make great Christmas gifts for people who need them.

Plan on making a big pot of soup? Get this stock pot for only $17! It’ll last for years and that means you can make soup, freeze it and save money!

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