Pat’s Picks for this Week Sept 14-20, 2023

There are some really good deals this week! Here are my picks for this week. Some are stock up price deals if you’re able to stock up a bit on a few items which will save you money down the road, not having to pay full price then.

If you have points offers, then the deals are better! This week I was lucky enough to get a few personal offers to line up with these great deals, especially the coffee one where I have an offer of 6000 points WUS $30 bringing my coffee total to $15.99 a box for 72/100 pods or less than $.22 per coffee! Don’t forget those personal offers!

 I like 11 this week at No Frills, 3 are at Zehrs and 1 at Freshco. I can pm my local Zehrs, and Freshco at No Frills so if you can it saves you a trip or two.

If you have a Loblaws, or Independent, the same Zehrs deals might be in those flyers.


Big savings on KD this week! ONLY $8.97 plus 1000 back in PC points ($1) making it $7.97 making them ONLY $.66 per box!

Lou’s Kitchen Entrees ONLY $5.99! These are regularly priced in  the $10 range.

Stouffer’s Bowls and entrees ONLY $1.25! Make sure you look at the SS before buying so you get the ones that are on sale for this low price!

ONLY $.99!! Unico Canned Tomatoes only $.99!

$7.99!  Good Price on Laundry Products,  Tide and Fleecy for the larger sizes!

Gay Lea Butter $4.99! So much better than the recent $8 prices we’ve been seeing. Limit of 3!

ONLY $.99!! Green Giant Canned Vegetables. Good time to get a few cans with Thanksgiving coming up too!

ONLY $1.88!!Lantic Sugar If you’re doing some fall baking this is a good price!

ONLY $1.94!! 10lb bag of Farmers Market Potatoes $1.94

ONLY $3.99!!  Great price on the Kraft Peanut Butter and the Hazelnut Spread. $5.77 + 1000 points ($1) and use your $1 coupon bringing your total to $3.99 after sale price, coupons & points. Grab it now because that coupon expires on September 27.

$7.99! Unico Vegetable Oil


Royale Paper Products $5.99 with 1000 points = $4.99

Great deal on Coffee!! Don’t miss this deal if you’re looking for some cheap coffee pods! $31.99 plus 1000 points ($10 back) making this deal ONLY $21.99!

Great price on Palmolive dish soap 591/828ml! This week only $1.25! Regular price $3.99! What a savings!


Christie cookies and snack crackers are on sale for $2.00 EA this week. If you buy 3, use your Scene card at checkout and get 3 packages for $6.00, earn $1 in Scene points which works out to $1.66 EA

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