Pat’s Picks for This Week May 25-31

Here are what I believe are the top Best Deals that I have found this week, May 25-31, 2023 in Ontario!

There are some excellent deals this week at No Frills, and many don’t need coupons! Just a great week to shop and stock up on a few things! I’ve included a few deals found at other Ontario stores. Many can be price matched at No Frills

This week, I’m going to do something different. There are some really cheap meals that can be made with some of these great deals, so I’ll post them after the deals are posted.

NF – Kraft Singles $2.99, use your $1 coupon and pay only $1.99

NF – Beefsteak tomatoes only $.74/lb

NF – Club House Gravy mixes only $.99

NF – No Name English muffins or 7 inch tortillas 2 for $3.50

NF – Chicken drumsticks $1.88/lb

NF- Schneider’s bacon only $3.33

NF- Mr. Noodles ONLY $.29 each

NF – General Mills cereals ONLY $3.33

NF – Sugar $2.29

At Food Basics – Kraft Dinner ONLY $7.98 for 12 boxes! That’s only $.66 per box!

AT Zehrs – PC or Blue Menu Entrees or Bowls ONLY $2.99 for PC Optimum members

AT Food Basics – 18 Pack of Selection eggs for $4.88

At Zehrs – Scotties tissues or Cashmere toilet tissue ONLY $3.99 A savings of $8

And last but not least, at RCSS – No Name Broth $1.29 (Limit of 4)

These recipes below are budget friendly and use the items on sale this week. If you’re trying to stretch your dollar further and make meals that are nutritious, check out some of these ideas, and feed a family for less. Getting back to basics will save you a lot of money rather than buying a lot of items to make one meal.

Chicken drumsticks recipes

  1. Paprika Chicken Drumsticks

  2. Air Fryer Chicken Drumsticks 

  3. Baked Chicken Drumsticks  

Recipes with Bacon (some use the tomatoes on sale this week)

  1. Easy Garlic Bacon Pasta Recipe

  2. Pasta with Bacon and Tomatoes

  3. Penne All’Amatriciana 

  4. Bacon, eggs, home fries  & bagels for dinner

What to do with Kraft Dinner to Make a Meal (These are really cheap ideas to keep the budget in check)

  1. Shipwreck Dinner 

  2. Bacon Chipotle Mac & Cheese (peppers optional) 

  3. Cheesy Tuna Mac

Bagels with cheese and bacon are always a cheap meal with the deals this week. Add a soup and you’ve got a cheap meal.

And don’t forget bacon & tomato sandwiches which are great anytime!

Pick up a couple of the PC Shepherd’s pie entrees or the PC butter chicken which comes with basmati rice for dinner to feed a family under $6

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