Pat’s Picks for this Week July 27-Aug 2, 2023

Here are my picks for this week.

 I’ve posted 10 this week, all at No Frills.

Also, if you have personal PC points offers, it just makes the deal much better.

 I love shopping at No Frills because they’re great with price matching the other local stores in my area, they’re really good with coupons, and very little to no hassle.


Sweet corn for an awesome price, get 5 for $0.95 ($0.19 each)

18 Grayridge Eggs for ONLY $3.99

Cracker Barrel cheese slices (200 g to 240 g) are $3.99. Add the $1 tear pad coupon and pay only $2.99 each. Or if you have the B2Save $3 you’ll only pay $2.49 EA for 2 = $5.98

No Frills Cracker Barrel Slices Sale

Lactancia Butter is on sale this week for $5.79. This isn’t the lowest price for butter this week, but a good price for Lactancia. Selection butter is on sale at Food Basics for $4.88 and on weekends SDM always has NN butter on for $4.99.

Great price on water this week. Only $1.49 for 24 Real Canadian Natural Spring Water

If you don’t mind NN bacon, this is an excellent price for bacon. Grab 2 packs for $5 this week!

This week a pint of blueberries is only $1.44!

Barilla pasta or Catelli sauce for $1.25 is always a good price!

Lemons on sale 2 for $1

And the best deal this week is Country Harvest bread, these aren’t on sale this week but there’s a great points offer and a B1G1 coupon that makes this deal amazing.

Country Harvest bread sells for $3.99 at No Frills. Doubtful they’ll all round up but you’ll have to buy 4 loaves for this deal. To get this deal right you’ll have to buy any 2 loaves in any flavour, the other 2 loaves will have to be the Herb & Garlic flavour.

Okay so now you’ve got 4 loaves of Country Harvest at $3.99 EA which works out to $15.96. But, wait, it gets better than this, keep reading.

Let the cashier ring them in so you get credit for it on your receipt. Then let the cashier know that you’ve got 2 BOGO coupons (yes, you’ll have to print 2 coupons for this deal). She/He should then deduct the price of the 2 Herb & Garlic loaves bringing your total down to $7.98 for the 4 loaves. There is an offer this week when you buy Country Harvest bread for 5000 points when you spend $10 on it. So now if you deduct the earned points (because technically that’s money back in your pocket), you’ve ONLY PAID $2.98 for the 4 loaves. That’s $.75 EA!! You can’t beat this deal on that great bread!



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