Pat’s Picks for this Week Aug 31-Sept 6, 2023

Here are my picks for this week.

There are so many really good deals at No Frills the past couple of weeks and this week is no different. Most don’t need coupons, and if you have points offers, then the deals are that much better!

 I like 14 this week at No Frills, the last 6 are at Zehrs. I can pm my local Zehrs at No Frills so if you can it saves you a trip.

If you have a Loblaws, or Independent, the same Zehrs deals might be in those flyers.


Great price on NN White Vinegar this week. Only $.99 after the 1000 points offer. Pay $1.99 and get $1 back in points!

Another good produce deal this week. Seedless watermelons only $2.84

Corn for $.15 a cob is a great price! Corn with a steak and salad. Most items are on sale this week and make a great summer meal!

Excellent deal on Wonder bread this week. Purchase one Wonder product and get a loaf of Cinnamon Raisin for free. That means you can get 4 loaves for $4, or 2 for $2. If you need the coupon, PRINT IT HERE 

Breton Crackers and Dare cookies only $1.99. Good time to stock up on a few boxes for school lunches

NN Bleach is only $.99 for a 1.27L jug

Field cucumbers only $.69 each! Use one in a salad to go with that deal on T-bone steaks!

Good time to stock up on Real Canadian Water. Only $1.49 EA! Make sure you scan your Optimum card so you get this price!

I don’t think butter will ever be $2.99 again, but $4.99 is a decent price compared to seeing some of the $8 prices happening in a lot of stores. If you can, get the limit of 3.

Good deal on Kellogg’s cereals 237-435g sizes. If you have the $2 coupons out from Kellogg’s, you can pick up a box or two for only $1.50 EA

Schneider’s Pepperettes and mini Babybel for only $5.88 is a good price!

Great time to grab some juice boxes for the kids lunches if you have school aged kids. At this price it’s worth getting a few of them.

At $.99 EA, Evaporated milk or partly skimmed milk are good prices, and if you plan on baking soon, pick up one or two to save money later.

T-Bone/Wing Steaks for $6.88/lb is a good price! It’s still summer, so plan a BBQ!


NN chips for $.99 at Zehrs this week.

PC Mac & Cheese for an awesome price! ONLY $.50 a box! This is cheaper than KD!

Another good deal on butter. Lactancia only $4.99 this week at Zehrs

One of the best coffee deals you can get with no effort except to scan your PC Optimum card. Zavida ground coffee 340g at Zehrs is currently on sale for $7.99, with the points this makes it $2.99!!  The McCafe coffee is a little higher priced at $12.99 and up, which isn’t that good a deal even with the points.

Good price on 1L ketchup if you don’t mind French’s. Only $2.99! Almost half price!

If you managed to get a few coupons for the Sponge Towels that have been out in stores this past month, you can get a 6 pack of Sponge towels for $3.99 after the $1 coupon

That’s it for this week. Not everyone will appreciate or need the same deals I choose but hopefully it helps highlight a few extra ways to save money.


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