Pampers Easy Up Training Pants For An Excellent Price!

Pampers Easy Up training pants are on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart from August 6 to 12 for $22.99.

This week receive 6000 PC Optimum points ($6.00) when you buy 2 making them $19.99 each.

Plus check your personal offer to receive 6000 PC Optimum points when you spend $20.00 or more making these only $13.99 each.

Also don’t forget your 20x offer making your finale amount as low as $10.19.

Please note that 20x offers will vary.

Here are some examples of different 20x offers:

$22.99×2=$45.98-$6(6000 special offer)=$39.98
$39.98-$6(6000 wub2 flyer offer)=$33.98
13800 points with 20x (points are based on a shop that will include other items)

$92×15×20=27,600 pts
$64.36-$12(flyer offer 6000 pts)=$52.36
$52.36-$6(pts from personal offer)=$46.36

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