Home Depot Free Workshops

Home Depot puts on weekly workshops in most of their stores. These can be invaluable to someone unsure of how to do a home improvement or renovation project. Check out what is available in your area by clicking this LINK HERE.  

With spring here, there is no time like the present to start checking out all those ‘HOW TO’ workshops and prepare yourself for things you plan on doing around the house this summer. So many great workshops to help you and they don’t cost anything to do.

There are HIS or HERS workshops and workshops for KIDS!


And, there’s nothing better than getting something free. Check out the workshops in your area, spend a couple hours on a Saturday learning to do a skill you didn’t think was possible, or take the kiddos and let them learn to do something fun and creative. Click this LINK to check what’s available at Home Depot in your area.

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