Get Rewarded with the PC Insiders Program!

The PC Insiders program can be a fantastic way to earn more PC Optimum points, get free shipping and more! It is a paid subscription though, so it’s important to make sure you’ll gain more than you’ll spend on it. Here are the main exclusive benefits that the program offers:

  • Earn 20% back in PC Optimum points when you purchase the following products: PC Organics, Joe Fresh, PC Black Label Collection, baby diapers and formula, and luxury beauty boutique products from
  • Free shipping and grocery pickup with no minimum order, from Joe Fresh, Shoppers Drug Mart online and PC Express.
  • $99 travel credit toward eligible travel bookings at
  • One surprise gift per annual subscription, filled with fantastic PC goodies.
  • Sneak peaks and exclusive offers on PC Insiders collection items
  • Get 25% off of the Annual Subscription with code: FD1435

It all sounds great, right? Just remember there is a cost to it, and you can choose an annual or monthly subscription. Make sure that you purchase enough of the included items to make it worthwhile for yourself.

If you’ve decided the program is right for you, you can click here to sign yourself up now! You can even use the promo code FD1435 to save 25% off your annual subscription right now!!

Be sure to follow our webpage though, as we will share any opportunities to save on your subscription as they’re offered.

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