Save Big on Clothing!

There are many ways to have an amazing collection of clothes, and designer wear, but if you can get shop for less than full price, then why not?

Shopping consignment is the way to go! They are picky on what they buy because they need to invest to ensure profit. Sometimes they make mistakes or can’t sell items quickly enough. The already much reduced designer item comes down- way down in price.

Personal favourite stores have loonie & toonie days, 90% off days, and stuff a bag for $10. This goes for both adult and children’s clothing.

Favourite major Canadian Chains include Plato’s Closet and Once Upon A Child. I don’t want to rule out good thrift stores like Good Will (on their 50% off days) but I find that much more digging is involved in their textiles before you find a gem. Goodwill, garage sales, and curbside are my go to for upcycling furniture and finding irreplaceable fine china.

From personal experience I can easily get great deals from shopping second hand or consignment and leave a store with valuable items for a fraction of the cost, such as this shop I did: I picked up a Banana republic top for $1,  a Zara knit pleated skirt for $1, a pair of new comfort plus pumps for $2, and a DKNY purse for $0.65 Grand total: $4.65!

Or these.. my top is Club Monaco $1, skirt forever 21 brand new with tags $1 (i know they don’t match but this is how I build my closet), and I can mix and match all the items I get to create great looks at much less than designer prices!

My entire closet is full of designer clothes and most of the pieces were under $1 or $2. The best part is, I try to keep my clothes in great condition and often sell it back to the same stores and make a profit. Just sold $300 worth in the last 2 weeks, and picked up about 40 items for me and my daughter and spent less than $50, including taxes.

Thank you to Carina Brunnenmeir for this tip!


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