Get Your Credit Score for Free!

Want to know what your credit score looks like? Interested in seeing what’s on your credit report? You can get your credit score and report easily and free in Canada.

Your credit report is a compilation of information about the way you handle debt.

It includes information about how much debt you have, how frequently you pay your bills, your place of residence, work information, and it includes home and vehicle information where applicable.

Your credit report contains a lot of information about how you handle your finances and how you deal with debt.

Credit reports and scores are maintained by credit reporting agencies.

The two main credit reporting agencies in Canada are:



With both of these, you can call or write and get a FULL credit report. Usually you can get this once a year for free or order it for a small fee.

It’s a good idea to check your credit report and score at least annually to ensure accuracy and for other reasons as well. You might be looking at obtaining credit, buying a home, a vehicle, or you might be trying to repair your credit. By keeping a close watch on your credit report and making sure it’s where you want it to be, will be instrumental in obtaining credit when you require it.

You can get a FREE credit report and score through Credit Karma online just by filling out the form and you’ll receive your credit score and report back immediately. Order yours HERE

You can get a credit report through any of the credit reporting agencies such as Equifax or TransUnion by writing to them, or you can also order it online for a small fee.

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