Lots Of Great Deals On Oikos

On Sale At Loblaws   Apr 22 – Apr 28

Oikos Yogurt 4x100g  For $2.99

Use Your Buy 3 Get 1 Free Coupon And Take 4 Of Them Home For $2.24 Each

Price Match That Deal At Real Canadian Superstore You Earn 4,000 PC Optimum Pts And For Every $9.00 You Spend On Oikos WOW

$2.99×4=$11.96-$2.99 (Freebie)=$8.97-$4.00 (PC Opt Offer)=$4.97÷4=$1.24

OR Use Your Buy 3 Save $1.50 Coupon And Take 3 Home  Or Use This Save $1.00 Print Coupon And Combine With PC Optimum In Store Offer

$2.99×4=$11.96-$1.50 (cpn)=$10.46-$4.00(PC Opt Offer)=$6.46÷4= $1.61

$2.99×4=$11.96-$1.00 (cpn)=$10.96-$4.00(PC Opt Offer)=$6.96÷4=$1.74

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