Using Browsers for Additional Coupon Prints

There is a way to get extra coupon prints from coupon sites. It won’t work with every site but it will work with many of them.

In order to print extras, you will need to have some of these browsers on your pc, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. I personally only have 3 of them, and have never used Opera and Safari so I’m not sure they work, but feel free to try them out and see if they do. I have enough info on my pc without adding those to it just to test them out, and I get enough coupons from the 3 browsers I currently have installed.

What is a browser? Alternatively referred to as a web browser or Internet browser, a browser is a software program to present and explore content on the World Wide Web. This is the page you use and open to search the internet, open Facebook or other websites, including Canadian Savings Group and find what you’re looking for.

Now, here’s how to get more than 2 prints for any coupon:

First you need to open up the coupon you want to print on your preferred browser. Once you’ve printed 2 on your usual browser, copy the url link in the address bar so you can use it on other browsers. It’s a copy and paste procedure to use it more than once.

  1. Install or locate at least those 4 browsers on your pc so you can use them.

  2. You can print at least 2 coupons per on each of these browsers by simply pasting the url link in the address bar of each one, and simply printing it.

  3. On some browsers you’ll find an InCognito (on Chrome) or an InPrivate (on Edge or Firefox) as shown in the pics below. By opening those extra browsers you can print 2 additional coupons.

Here are pics of where Incognito, Private and InPrivate windows are found. They are in the drop down in the top right corner of your pc, simply click on them to open them up. Now you have 2 additional prints of your coupon for each of these extra browsers.


4.) The last way to get more prints is to open up Chrome and add guests or additional people (who may use your computer) and print extras from those persons Chrome accounts. You don’t need email addresses or anything to sign into, simply make an extra person on your Chrome account as shown below.

This can theoretically give you a LOT of extra coupons. I have about 10 extra people on mine to print an additional 20 coupon when I need something, but it’s a personal choice. Once you have an extra person added to your Chrome (top right corner selection), you can open their browser and print 2 more prints. It’s pretty easy and straightforward if you follow these instructions.

I always close off each person after I’ve printed and opened a new person, plus it’s a good idea to clear your history at times.

Hopefully this helps with printing additional prints.


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