Using a $ off coupon and a BOGO together! 

Tip of the Day: Using a $ off coupon and a BOGO together.

A BOGO coupon and a dollar amount off coupon can be used together.

You have 2 exact same items, each are $3.

On the first item you place a $1 off coupon on it and now one item will cost $2.

On the second item you place the BOGO coupon on it. You bought the first item which you’ve paid $2 for, (that’s your buy one item), and you get the second item for free (that’s your get one free item).

The second item is now free with this coupon.

For 2 items that would have cost $6, you’ve now paid $2 for both. That’s a big savings!

Remember to watch for wording in the coupon that might disallow this, ie. cannot be used in conjunction with another coupon.




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