Save On Foods Store Policy

Save on Foods Store Policy

Save on Foods is part of the Overwaitea Group and follows the same policy.

Coupon Acceptance Practices
Our coupon acceptance practices are designed to help extend more savings to our customers while ensuring we continue to offer an
exceptional customer service experience to everyone in our stores.
Rules for manufacturer issued coupons:
present your coupon at the time of purchase
ensure all conditions stated on the coupon are met (product to purchase, size, flavour, quantity, etc.)
ensure your coupon has a Canadian address
ensure your coupon is redeemed prior to the expiration date

if printed from the internet, your coupon is legible
ensure your coupon is not a photocopy
ensure your coupon is not issued by one of our competitors
ensure your coupon is not a mail-in rebate
Stacking is NOT permitted
Coupon value does not exceed item value
Store issued coupons: store coupons are distributed through flyers, email, in-store kiosks, social media and direct mail.
Our store system reinforces the conditions of every coupon we receive to ensure that specifications are met (including banner, date,
product specifications, limits, combinations, etc).
Can be combined with 1 (one) vendor (manufacturer) coupons
Only one ‘spend ($) get (X)’ style coupon may be used per order, regardless of distribution point.
We reserve the right to amend the above mentioned practices at any time, in consideration of the best experience for our customers.
Apr 2016

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