London Drugs Store Policy

London Drugs Store Policy

We guarantee the best price
We offer what you need at a price that’s right. If you find the same merchandise advertised in print at a lower price and we confirm the competitor has the product in stock, we’ll match that price for one product. Even if you find that lower advertised price after you buy, we’ll step up and match that price for 30 days.* This does not apply to online pricing and this guarantee can not be extended to items purchased through our online store.
*Excluding Prescriptions, PhotoLab and internet pricing.

Our coupon policy is as follows:

We do not price match with retailers who require you to have a club
The following coupons may be accepted at London Drugs:
* Manufacturer’s standard coupons
* Manufacturer’s coupons exclusive to London Drugs
* London Drugs issued coupons

Number of coupons accepted:

* More than one coupon may be accepted for a product, if each
coupon has different UPC codes. The different media sources may include
coupons from a newspaper,magazine, internet (maximum of $3 & only one accepted per visit),
bottle caps or in-store manufacturer’s exclusive coupons.

* Upon redemption of a manufacturer’s coupon, applicable taxes
apply to the full selling price of the item. Upon redemption of a
retail issued coupon, applicable taxes apply to the net amount of the

* If the coupon states taxes included, the manufacturer is
meaning, taxes are included in the value of the coupon. Therefore, the
customer is still responsible for paying the taxes on the product.

Coupon Acceptance; the following requirements have to be met:

* Expiry date has not been exceeded

* Redeemable in Canada

* The product named on the coupon has been purchased.

* The size and/or flavor of the item, as stated on the coupon, have
been purchased.

* The required number of items has been purchased.

* In regards to buy 1 get 1 free, coupons can be used on the item
being purchased but coupons can not be used on the free item.

Any coupons you print off your computer, are considered internet coupons
and only one will be accepted. Maximum value of $3.00.

Coupon wording:

Not Stackable:

  • Not Valid with any other coupon offer
  • Coupon/offer not valid in conjunction with other offers, promotions or discounts
  • Use of more then one manufactures coupon per purchase is strictly prohibited
    Limit one coupon per purchase, not valid in conjunction with any other coupon offer


  • One coupon per purchase
  • Not valid with other offers
  • 1 coupon/purchase, 1 redemption/customer (stackable but only one item)
  • One redemption per customer (one product per visit)

*If a coupon states that it cannot be used with any other offer, then that coupon cannot be used with any other coupons.

Some products are not stable no matter the wording, they are listed here:

  • Sc Johnson
  • P&G
  • Aveeno
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