Security feature on coupons!! 

Tip of the Day: Security Feature on Coupons! 

How to know and prove your coupon isn’t photocopied!!

You know that line that runs around printed coupons? That’s not a cutting line. Cut around that line. 

That is a security feature on your coupons. 

I’ll explain what that line means and how it protects you as a shopper. 

The line that envelops the actual coupon shows the security features on the actual coupon. Listed below are what each of the items are that are in that line. 

If a cashier thinks your coupons are photocopied, the ID/PIN might help prove it, but a photocopied coupon will have all the same details in the line including the time stamp which would be the same on a photocopy. 

This protects you! 

Never cut that line off your coupon!

Here’s what’s in that line

1. Expiry date

2. Date you printed the coupon

3. Time you printed the coupon (every coupon will have a different time)

4. Offer ID

5. PIN #

6. Amount of coupon

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