Understanding your coupons! 

Tip of the Day: Reading your Coupons

There are many terms on coupons. To use them correctly you need to understand what the terms mean on each coupon.

Limit One Coupon Per Purchase – Use one coupon per item purchased. In other words, if you are purchasing six toothbrushes, you can use six coupons. Most stores don’t allow stacking and you can’t use six coupons on one toothbrush.

Limit One Coupon per Transaction – You can only use one coupon per transaction. A transaction is your shop. If you want to use more than one, simply do multiple transactions. You can separate your shop into numerous small shops or transactions.

Limit One Coupon per Person/Customer = You can only use one coupon per store visit. If you wish to use more than one coupon, you may go back to the store another day, or exit the store and re-enter. Each time you enter the store you are a new customer.




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