Printable Coupons & Cash Back Offers

Sites to Print Coupons, Cash Back Apps, and Offers for Big Savings! 


There are lots of places where you can find printable coupons to help you save more money on your groceries. Here is our extensive list of places to find those coupons you need to score maximum savings on your groceries.

In many cases you will have to install Adobe Reader in order to print some coupons. It’s free and easy to download.

1. Canadian Savings Group Printable Coupons (includes sites where coupons are found plus hidden ones) 

2. Websaver (printable & digital coupons & cash back offers) 

3.   (printable and mail out coupons)

4. Tasty Rewards  (printable coupons) 

5. GoCoupons (has both printable coupons & cash back offers)

6.  Healthy Savings (printable coupons for health)

7.  Dairy Farmers of Ontario ( printable dairy coupons)

8.  Purina (pet coupons)

9.  P&G (Proctor & Gamble) Currently has Digital offers. Usually they have lots of printable home cleaning product coupons on their site

10. 8Secure8 Coupons (A variety of PDF coupons with many on a page to save paper)

11. Checkout 51 (Cash back app offers) Changes weekly on Thursdays

12. Caddle ( Cash back app offers) Offers can change anytime

13. PC Optimum Offers (Points offers that change weekly on Thursdays) You can save up to 4 offers every Wednesday for the week ahead by pushing them forward

If you’re looking for a specific coupon to print, look on Canadian Savings Group Printable Coupons. Also, most of these sites are on there as well!

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