Picking your battles! 

TIP OF THE DAY- Picking your battles

As couponers we will come across our fair share of awkward situations. Checkout is when most of these situations will occur.

You begin loading all your items on the belt organizing according to your ss or list. The customers behind you start huffing,puffing & snickering. The cashier notices your handful of coupons & sees you flipping through your phone & starts rolling his/her eyes. You feel the pressure all around and begin to get flustered. You start price matching & the cashier gives you a hard time about your ss, then you hand over some coupons & the cashier refuses to accept them because he/she doesn’t think they are legit. You’re overwhelmed now your well planned shop has just gone down the drain & your feeling defeated. You know your coupons & screenshots were legit so why did it happen and what can you do to try and prevent it from happening again?

My suggestions in this situation…..Keep calm, focused & breath.

#1 Let the people behind you know you are pm & using coupons they may want to chose another checkout.

#2 Make the cashier aware you are going to be pming & using coupons. Run the cashing out process at your own pace.

#3 Question the issues with the coupons & ss. If you are not satisfied with the answer ask for a manager. If you are not satisfied with the manager ask for someone higher up from the manager. If you are still not satisfied email head office about the situation & every little detail.

#4 Keep store policies on hand at all times.

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