There seems to be a misconception behind couponers who acquire several peelies. Having many peelies does not necessarily mean you peeled them off the product without purchasing. Many items have various coupons that can be combined with them. The trick is to keep a watchful eye for those items when they have peelies on them. 

Combining pm, coupons & cashback can get you great deals & peelies for future use. 

Example last year I had several Dove b1g1 & $2 off coupons. I had noticed at different stores some had the red $1.50 off peelies on them. I waited for a sale & in the end had purchased 40 bottles all with peelies on them. I did this at several stores & had stock brought out from the back so there was no shelf clearing. Acquiring multiple peelies legitimately is possible.

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