How to Take a Screenshot with your Phone

When first starting to coupon one of the main things you need to learn to do is to take a screenshot with your phone so you can save deals on your phone.
It’s not hard to master taking a screenshot but you need to find the correct procedure for your phone.

1. How do I take a screenshot on my iPhone?
Press and hold the sleep/wake button on the top-right of the phone, then press and release the home button. You will hear a shutter noise as though you’d taken a picture, and then the screenshot will be in your photo library.
2. How do I take a screenshot on my Android?
Taking a screenshot on an Android phone or tablet (as in, not a Samsung device) is pretty easy, but different for every brand of android.

Press the Power button and Volume down key at the same time. Remember to hold them until you hear a click or a screenshot sound.
If these procedures don’t work for you, you can Google or YouTube your specific phone and get specific instructions on taking a screenshot.


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