How To Organize Your Shop For The Checkout 

When I was teaching someone who was just starting out to coupon, here’s how I showed her to make her checkout easier.

This is a shop we did for her.

When we got to checkout, this is the order and way we did it so she could do it with ease. This would have been overwhelming if I wasn’t with her, but it was a good learning experience for her.

If she could do this with me, she could do a few items herself anytime she wanted to shop.

1. Put all the regular priced items on the belt first. (While the cashier is putting those through, we could put the price matched items on the belt)

2. Put all the price matched items on the belt.

3. Put all the coupon and price matched items up next.

With each of the couponed items, we organized it before we got to checkout (we had 2 cart loads-this was her shop in the picture below), we taped the coupons to each of the products. All we had to do was put them on the belt, and show the cashier all the screenshots.

The whole shop was almost $658, and she paid $6!! 175 items, and over 100 coupons!

She’s been in our group for over two years and this was her first shop two years ago.

Start small. Do a few things at a time until you’re used to it. After a few shops you can add more price matching and couponing to your shop, and start saving more.

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