Kraft Singles And Philadelphia Cream Cheese For An Awesome Price!

Kraft Singles (410g) and Philadelphia cream cheese are on sale at IGA from September 21 to 27 for $3.97.

For the Kraft Singles use the $1.00 tearpad coupon and pay $2.97.

Plus buy 2 and receive 100 scene points($1.00) making them $2.47 each.

For the Philadelphia cream cheese use the buy 2 save $2.00 tearpad coupon plus receive the 100 scene points for every 2 making it only $2.47.

If you can price match these at Maxi receive 4000 PC Optimum points($4.00) when you spend $10.00 making these only $1.64 or $1.97 each!

$3.97×3=$11.91-$3(3 cpns for Singles)=$8.91-$4=$4.91÷3=$1.64

$3.97×4=$15.88-$4(2 cpns for cream chees=$11.88-$4=$7.88÷4=$1.97

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