Kellogg’s Pop Tarts, Nutri Grain, Rice Krispies, Special K Bars for as Low as $1.49!

Maxi is featuring Kellogg’s Rice Krispie bars (176/198g), Pop Tarts (384g), Special K bars (125g) or Nutri-Grain bars (295g) for $2.99 this week.

Pick Up two of the Special K bars and print the Buy2Save$3 printable coupon FOUND HERE and reduce the price to $1.49 EACH!


Pick up the Pop Tarts or the Nutri-Grain bars and print the $1 printable coupon FOUND HERE to reduce the price to $1.99!


Use the Save $3 WUB2 tearpad coupon for Nutri Grain and the price is $1.49


Use the Save $1.50 mailout coupon FOUND HERE on Rice Krispie Bars and pay only $1.49 EACH!

Aug 3-9

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