Have you Claimed the Climate Action Incentive Payment Yet???

Pollution has a cost – it impacts the air we breathe, our children’s health and our economy. That’s why the Government of Canada has put a price on carbon pollution.

The Government of Canada has introduced the new climate action incentive payment. If you are a resident of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario or New Brunswick, you can claim it when you file your income tax and benefit return.

The climate action incentive (CAI) payment consists of a basic amount and a 10% supplement for residents of small and rural communities. This payment may reduce your amount payable or increase your refund when you file your income tax and benefit return.

A family of four could receive:

  • $609 in Saskatchewan
  • $339 in Manitoba
  • $307 in Ontario
  • $256 in New Brunswick

To get all the information on claiming this benefit, follow the link HERE!!!

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