Get a Tassimo T47 Coffee Maker for Only $39.99!

This week there’s a great offer at some of the Loblaws banner stores. You can find this deal at Loblaws and Zehrs if you want it.

It could make a nice Christmas gift and it’s cheap enough with the points offer that it won’t cost you a fortune, but whomever you give it to will think you spent a lot more than you did!

The Tassimo T47 is in the flyer for $129.99. Check your local Loblaws banner store flyers for it to see if it’s in your neighbourhood.


As you can see, there is a points offer attached to it for 50,000 points when you buy one.

There is also a general points offer 40,000 points when you spend $100 on general merchandise as shown below. This mean you’ll get 90,000 points for buying a Tassimo T47. That will make the Tassimo only $39.99 plus tax after points!


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