Currently at my local No Frills store (Barrie, Ontario), Broccoli is on sale for $1 a head. It’s located in a bin as soon as you enter the store.

It’s worth checking your local No Frills for this price since there’s a great points offer this week, July 28 – Aug 3, 2022, when you buy 4 of any of the 4 items below, you receive 4,000 PC Optimum points.

That basically makes your broccoli free since you’re getting $4 back in points, and that can be used at a later shop to reduce your cost.

And at the same time while you did spend $4 for the broccoli, you’ve got your $4 back in points!

Check your local No Frills for this awesome freebie. And if 4 heads of broccoli are too much for you to buy, buy them anyway and par-boil and freeze them for future meals.

Nothing as sweet as a free deal



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