Driscoll’s Berry Coupons

Driscoll’s produces amazing berries! They also have a fabulous rewards program. Sign up to become a Driscoll’s member and you’ll  receive:

  • A 50 cent welcome coupon 
  • A Birthday surprise
  • Insider access to sweepstakes and contests
  • Exclusive news, recipes, health and wellness tips, and so much more

The benefits don’t stop there!

When you buy a package of Driscolls berries simply log in to Driscoll’s advisory panel and use the code on your berry container to complete a short survey.  You’ll receive a link to print a coupon! Each link is valid for 60 days and can be printed twice. Coupon has a 30 day expiry.

Coupons start at 50 cents for the first 4 surveys. You’ll now earn 75 cent coupons for each survey. Once you complete 16 more surveys you’ll receive a $1 coupon!

The Driscoll’s advisory panel resets at the end of each year.

Sign up to become a Driscoll’s Rewards Member here 

Log in to the Driscoll’s advisory panel and fill out your survey here

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  1. Love your product

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