Tip of the day: Freecycling

Are you doing your spring cleaning? Once you’ve got your keep, sell, toss piles, consider Freecycling. This is when you give away items for free so others can give the items a new life. Some things are too hard to sell and, if you’re like me, you feel too guilty throwing them in the garbage because the items are still perfectly good for another use. Yes, some Freecycled items can be taken to a donation centre, but Freecycling requires no driving and gets right to who might need it. 

I’ve Freecycled: perfectly good binders; shoes; a full bottle of expensive conditioner (before couponing!) that I used one squeeze out of and hated how it made my hair feel; scarves and mittens; patio cushions; a pile of stuffed animals that someone was happy to take for their dogs; baby clothes that have a few stains and I didn’t think a donation place would sell; etc.

Next time you have items that are hard to sell or you just can’t be bothered to sell, but you think could have another life, consider joining your local Freecycle site online or group on Facebook. Kijiji and VarageSale also have ‘free stuff’ tabs. 

Be mindful that many Freecycle sites/groups record keep: you have to give something for free first before you can take something free from others. 

Not only is it the environmentally friendly choice, it directly helps people in your local community save money. 

Happy organizing!

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