25 uses for Magic Erasers! 

Check out these super cool uses for Magic Erasers!!!

Here is an awesome sale on a generic brand of Magic Erasers on Amazon! I find they work just as good for such an affordable price!!

1. Remove scuff marks from walls, floors or baseboards!

2. Remove Markers and crayons from furniture and walls!

3. Coffee and Tea Stains in your cups!

4. Clean your Shoes. Remove those scuff marks!

5. Remove Dried Paint on floors, baseboards, door hinges! If your a messy painter, this trick is awesome!

6. Remove Soap Scum in tubs and showers, wipe it along grout, tile, fibreglass!

7. Clean Dry Erase Boards, sparkle them up in no time!

8. Remove rust! Try a small spot first, this magic eraser really is magic!

9. Clean out those coolers for summer, they will look as good as new to keep your summer drinks cold!

10. Hair coloring, if you dye your hair at home, you may get it on the counters or walls, we’ve all done it 🙂 the magic eraser will take care of that!

11. Clean your microwave! These make removing caked on food a breeze!!

12. Clean mirrors, I haven’t tried it yet, but apparently if you wipe your bathroom mirror with a magic eraser, it cleans your mirror as well as prevents it from fogging up in the future! Interesting!!

13. Messy computer? Gentky rub your keys to clean them up, and I mean gently! You don’t want to remove those letters!

14. Grimy patio furniture? These will clean off the Dirt, food and everything else that’s been caked on all year long!

15. Baked on food on your stove, dishes, favorite pots and pans! Also works great in sinks and stainless steel!

16. Sparkle up your windows!! Spring cleaning coming up!

17. Remove grease on your stove and under your oven hood as well!

18. Did you put pasta sauce in your Tupperware? These will take away that orange tinge!

19. Algae remover for anyone with a pool!

20. Stains on your microfiber couch? Try rubbing a magic eraser over the stain. This works wonders. Do test a hidden area first.

21. Bugs stuck on your windshield? I have this problem after summer road trips, car wash doesn’t do the trick, but these erasers do!

22. Remove ink on your hands, rub very very gently!

23. Remove algae, mold, bird poop and more from stained concrete!

24. Spot clean carpet?! I haven’t tested this out yet but would love to hear if it works! Always try a hidden spot first!

25. Removes permanent marker, this one I know first hand, my son drew all over my walls and these removed all the evidence before husband came home!!

*ALWAYS test a hidden spot on any surface before cleaning. To make sure it doesn’t damage the surface*

Any other tricks to add? We would love to hear what you use your magic erasers for! Leave us a comment below.

Amazon sells a 100 pack of generic erasers for an incredible price, you’ll want to stay stocked up on these with how many tricks you can use with them!!


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