Deal of the Week! Country Harvest Bread as Low as $.25!

The best deal this week is Country Harvest bread.

These aren’t on sale this week at No Frills but there’s a great points offer and a B1G1 coupon that makes this deal amazing. However, they are on sale at RCSS, which I’ll get to further on.

This week you can get it for $.75 per loaf or $.25 per loaf if you’re able to PM (price match)

No Frills sells Country Harvest Bread for $3.99 a loaf.

Here are the steps to get this deal right

  1. You will need to print 2 B1G1 coupons for this deal. Get the printable coupon HERE 

  2. Doubtful they’ll all round up the penny on each loaf at checkout so you’ll have to buy 4 loaves for this deal.

  3. To get this deal right you’ll have to buy any 2 loaves in any flavour, the other 2 loaves will have to be the Herb & Garlic flavour.

Okay so now you’ve got 4 loaves of Country Harvest bread for $3.99 EA which works out to $15.96 total.

But, wait, it gets better than this, so keep reading.

  1. Let the cashier ring them in so you get credit for it on your receipt.

  2. Then let the cashier know that you’ve got 2 B1G1 coupons

  3. She/He should then deduct the price of the 2 Herb & Garlic loaves bringing your total down to $7.98 for the 4 loaves.

  4. There is an offer this week when you buy Country Harvest bread for 5000 points when you spend $10 on it. So now if you deduct the earned points (because technically that’s money back in your pocket), you’ve ONLY PAID $2.98 for the 4 loaves. That’s $.75 EA!! You can’t beat this deal on that great bread!

Now lets make this deal even sweeter for those of you who can pm this deal.

RCSS Country Harvest Bread Sale

RCSS has it on sale starting Thursday, July 27- Aug 2, 2023 for $6 for 2 loaves.

If you can PM RCSS to your local No Frills store, you’ll still buy 4 loaves, use 2 B1G1 coupons, and you’ll ONLY PAY $1.00 for 4 loaves of Country Harvest Bread.

Here’s the math on that deal if you can PM it.

4 loaves @ 2 for $6 = $12.00

Use 2 B1G1 coupons bringing your total down to $6 for 4 loaves

Receive 5000 PC Optimum points ($5 back to you in points) making it $1 after coupons and points!

That’s only $.25 per loaf!!

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