What is Samplesource?

For those who don’t know what Samplesource is, it’s a program that comes out twice a year, spring and fall, and it’s an opportunity to try some great samples.

In the weeks leading up to Samplesource going LIVE, we get a sneak peek at some upcoming samples that will be included in the Samplesource offer for spring and fall.

We post these sneak peeks so that all our members can check out what is upcoming in the Samplesource box.

Depending on how you answer the questionnaire, you’ll receive some great samples and free product coupons to try the products before you buy them.

It’s a great way to try new products you might not have tried before you buy them.

To get the most samples when Samplesource goes LIVE, check out our post HERE – HOW TO GET THE MOST SAMPLES FROM SAMPLESOURCE 

Make sure you’ve signed up on the Samplesource Website so you’re ready to go when Samplesource goes LIVE.


Here are a few pictures of what we’ve received in past Samplesource boxes

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