Toilet Paper – Determining a Stock up Price


A couple of people asked about how to determine a good price on toilet tissue.

Here’s how we figure out a stock up price:

First of all we break down a package into the number of single rolls.

Costco’s Price for 30 rolls (75 single rolls) = $15.69 = $.20 per roll.

Cashmere 12/24 rolls we can get for $2.99 with $1 coupon = $1.99= $.08 per roll

Royale Velour 12/24 rolls we can get for $3.99 with $2 coupon = $.08 per roll.

Therefore it’s still cheaper to coupon than it is to buy Costco brand.

I know, I used to buy it thinking I was getting a great deal. But, when it’s twice as much as what I can get couponing, and with 5 bums in the house, I need to get some mileage for my money.

Our stock up price for toilet tissue is between 5 and 10 cents per roll. $.12 is still good, but if you have coupons, then you can usually get a good deal on toilet paper and stock up when the price drops and your coupons work for the deal.

That’s when you buy several packages and stock up.

We always break down the price and quantity to see what the difference is.

It’s easier to go by rolls and compare than calculating sheets of paper or anything else.

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