Stay Calm at Checkout

Stay Calm at Checkout


A lot of people get nervous to coupon because of checking out; worrying about people think, staying organizing, and so on.

Staying calm and organized while checking out it key to saving money. Getting frazzled usually results in forgetting to price match or hand over coupons for various items.

Things that help:
– Have a master list of items with pm and coupons used so you don’t forget either

– You can start long before the cash and organize your cart(s) into separate transactions so you’re not trying to figure it out on the fly. My cart often has 8 piles in it.

– Let the cashier know you have pm’ing and coupons (sometimes they’ll close the lane for you)

– Warn others behind you that you have pm’ing and coupons. Usually they thank me and choose another lane.

– Have your pm’ing organized in your phone either through Flipp or screenshots

– Have coupons either organized in an envelope or folder or you could put them under each item in the cart as you shop so you don’t forget to give when you’re buying

– Create a system for yourself; do pm’d items go up first? Items for which their coupons include tax? Whatever helps you keep a level head.

– Smile, say hi to, and thank the cashier. Some politeness to start and end can really go a long way.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but rather a few suggestions to help you stay calm so you have a smooth check out process

Happy couponing!

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