Stacking PC Points Offers!

Did you know you can stack PC Optimum points offers for the same product?

If you load the P&G offers, the No Frills offers, and your weekly personal offers, sometimes you’ll find you have an offer for the same product.

This is especially great if you also have a coupon for the item.

In some cases, you can get some really high-end products on the cheap.

An example of stacking would be two or three offers that you can stack to earn points and get products cheap.

Here’s an easy example to understand how to stack offers.

Here’s an offer for 4000 points ($4) when you spend $40 on No Name Products at Zehrs

Combine that with these two offers below and any other No Name brand products to get 4000 points when you spend $40!

NN Paper towels for only $3.99

NN Sour Cream get 400 points ($.40) back on every $2 spent. And NN Broth, get 200 points ($.20) back on every $1 spent.

It’s easy to rack up some points, get cheaper stuff by optimizing your PC offers, if you check them and plan your shop accordingly. Always try to max out any offers by combining and stacking offers.

This even works on regular products and not just No Name Products. Any and all offers can be stacked/combined to maximize your points!

Stack your personal offers, the P&G offers and the No Frills offers if you shop there. As long as your personal offers aren’t store specific you can shop at any of the Loblaws banner stores unless you’re using a PC No Frills offer in which case you have to shop at No Frills to redeem that offer.

Always check for points offers that you can stack on items you buy, and if you have a coupon, even better, you might even get some free products!!



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