Set a Goal to Rack up PC Optimum Points!

Even 10,000 points a month isn’t hard to get even if you shop at No Frills, Zehrs, Loblaws, Independent, etc., buying items that are on your PC points offer list. By setting a goal, you’ll try to get the points you need and use your offers to save money at the same time.

10k in points will add up to 120k a year and give you a little extra money for Christmas shopping (if that’s your goal)

Try saving 20k a month, which is still not a hard goal to reach and rack up 240k a year. You would have enough points to do a $300 shop when a Bonus redemption event is on at Christmas (or another redemption event time).

$100 FREE is a nice big bonus when you’re doing Christmas shopping.

Setting goals, checking your points offers weekly, saving the ones you’ll use, and just saving your points up will afford you a nice big shop when you’re ready to use your points.

Still don’t understand the PC Optimum system? Check out our website post here:


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