Save Your PC Offers


If you haven’t loaded the PC Optimum app onto your phone, you’re missing out on one of the best ways to save money and rack up points for free future shopping.

Each Wednesday, you can push forward four (4) offers to save until the following week. This is a great way to save offers that might not be on sale now but might be next week, or you could have a coupon for it and you’re waiting for it to go on sale, use a coupon, and even collect points on it. Great way to get freebies or items really cheap, and rack up points to use for future shops.

Go through your offers, and slide the ones you want to keep to the left. You can keep up to 4. Each Thursday new offers will be added, but the ones you chose to keep will show up for the week as well.

Saving your PC Optimum offers

Are you fully utilizing your PC Optimum offers? Swipe to the left on offers in the app for the option to either stop showing the offer (great for offers on products you don’t anticipate ever buying) or save for next week (great when you know of an upcoming sale). This is a great way to train the program to further provide more tailored offers to you and your spending.

I like to wait until the night before they expire to remove or save since you never know what great deal or clearance find might come up during the week.

Issues with PC Optimum can be taken up with PC Optimum; reach out to them via Facebook or email to advocate for yourself and your account. I sincerely hope this tip will help people enjoy an increase in offers tailored specifically to your shopping patterns, baring in mind that PC Optimum will surely continue to offer items they want to try to get you to buy.

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