Samplesource! How to Get Chosen & How to Get the Most Samples!

Every March and September, Samplesource sends out invites for people.

People who are selected, are required to do a survey. Once they complete the survey, they are offered a number of samples to receive, based on their answers to the survey.

They can receive any number of samples and coupons, including free product coupons which are sent out via mail.

They also send out invites for single products throughout the year. It can be an actual product or an FPC.


Qualifying seems to be the big mystery to many who haven’t been chosen the past few times Samplesource was offered to others.

A few people have told me that once they made changes to their account address and/or personal information, they were selected in the next round.

Changes as small as adding an initial in your name, typing your name with an abbreviation or writing it out in full is a small change but one that may prompt Samplesource to see activity on your account and select you for the next round. Even a change to your address, no matter how small might make a difference.

I haven’t received a Samplesource invite since they made the change to invites only. I recently changed my personal information and I’ll know better in the round coming up if that made a difference.

Make a small change, and remember to save your information so it actually changes.

We hope this will help those who haven’t had an invite since the change took place at Samplesource. So Login now and make a change to your account! Click the link here for Samplesource Login

As for How to Get the Most Samples, CLICK THE LINK HERE to read our post on how to Get the Most Samples if you are chosen! There is a method that helps get the most samples. You won’t want to miss this information!

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