Regifting Properly and Respectfully!

As we’re all sorting and putting away our gifts from the holidays, birthdays or other celebrations, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll get “that” gift.

You greatly appreciate the thought and intentions that came with it, but you realistically just will never use it.

Rather than throw it in the back of a closet where it will never see the light of day again, why not pass it along as a gift to someone who will honestly love it?

There are several guidelines to follow, to do it properly.

  1. Make sure to wrap it up freshly for the new recipient, removing any old gift tags or signs that it’s not a new gift.

  2. Only give gifts that are in pristine, brand-new condition.

  3. Don’t re-gift anything personalized, anything sentimental or hugely valuable.

  4. Store items you plan to re-gift with notes of who gave it to you. Avoid the awkwardness of accidentally giving it back to them or someone close to them.

  5. Only give a re-gifted item when you know it’s something the new recipient will genuinely love, never give something just to get it out of your house.

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