Reciept Surveys: Worth a Minute of Your Time!

Receipt Surveys: Worth a Minute of Your Time

Most receipts you get from large businesses will have an option printed on it to share feedback on how your visit to their store went. There are two great reasons to actually complete that survey before you trash your receipt.














1: It’s the perfect chance to give honest feedback about your shopping trip, while making sure the info gets back to your specific store. Did you have a friendly and awesome cashier, or did an employee happily help you out with finding that elusive product? Make sure they get recognition for their great work! Do you have an honest complaint or a constructive suggestion to make the store better? Pass that info along!

2: Most stores will give you an incentive to do the survey, as your personal experience and information is valuable to them. You could be entered into a contest for a cash prize, or you could be offered a discount or set amount off your next purchase at their store. Either way, it’s worth a minute of your time!

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