Printing Multiple Coupons to Get a Great Stockpile!

There are lots of ways to get a great stockpile that you paid very little for.

In order to get a great stockpile of free or really cheap things, you’ll need to print more than 2 coupons per product so you can actually stock up on something, hence a stockpile.

I’m going to share a few tricks that I’ve learned over the years about printing coupons that might help you get multiple coupons to build your stockpile.

When I first started couponing, everything seemed to be a great deal. And printing them was much easier.

I bought all the things that I could get for free or close to free even if we didn’t use them. This is a common problem when you first start couponing.

A good stockpile will contain all the basic necessities you use in your household, and all the things that you get for really cheap so you don’t have to continue to buy them every time you shop.

Non-perishable items are the best items to stockpile, based on family use, items such as toilet paper, paper towel, tissues, cereals, juice, coffee, laundry soap, fabric softener, toothpaste, personal hygiene products, dishwasher tabs, and many more items like these. These are some of  the more expensive items that you HAVE TO BUY, and no one likes to pay full price for some of these.


Over the past several years, members of CSG have been able to take advantage of over 500 items for free. Since the post on the List of Freebies from Couponing was done, we’ve probably added another 100-200 to the list. To see the LIST OF FREEBIES FROM COUPONING, CLICK THIS LINK HERE AND CHECK IT OUT 

It took some time to change my way of thinking and as much as I loved having that great big stockpile of items, I found I was giving much of it away to the Food Bank just to get rid of it. Although, being free, or close to free, didn’t cost me much to share with others.

Now, I buy the things we will use. When there’s a great deal on something we’ll use, I know I’d like to buy more than 2 which is the usual number of coupons most sites will give you. I prefer to stock up on something so in a month, or 6 months from now, I’m not paying full price, thus saving myself some money. Here are a couple of hauls to show that I always try and get more than 2 coupons when something is a great price or free so that I can add it to my stockpile.


Stockpiles are a blessing in that they will save you lots of money having things you use on hand, and you paid very little for. It also saves you a trip to the store if you run out of something. Simply get it from your stockpile.

Most sites make you sign up, login to print coupons 2x. Some don’t require you to login, and you can simply print them, but they know when you’ve printed 2.

There are techniques to get more than 2 coupons for most coupon sites which I’ll explain.

Most sites will stop you at two prints per coupon and tell you that you’ve reached your limit, unless it’s a PDF.

PDF coupons can be printed many times as they don’t have unique pins.

The bigger sites like,,, Healthy Savings, Kellogg’s Shop & Save, Purina, and Tasty Rewards are some of the ones that let you print 2 normally, then stop you, unless you can get them another way.

Photocopying is illegal, but there are ways to print additional coupons as follows:

Sites that require an email, address, name, password – Get more than 1 email. Get yourself several emails. Use family and friends addresses. On some sites, you can give family members their own accounts. If you’re simply printing the coupons, nothing gets mailed out so it’s easy to put in an address for a parent, sibling, or a friend. This will net you at least 2 coupons per email/account. If you’re printing, you may have to print on different browsers, ie. Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Incognito works on some of them as well.

Sites that let you print without signing in – Print on different browsers. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Incognito work for most.

Sites that require a phone # for verification – If possible use a family member, ie. parent, kids, significant other, or a friend’s phone if permitted. This will net you more than one set of prints as well.

Special coupons that come out not on any of the common sites– Copy and paste the url into each browser before printing. Most times you can get several sets of coupons this way. Try incognito as well. Chrome can be set up with several users, and that also can work on some coupons.

Also, having another device to print on, laptop, pc, etc., will net you additional coupons by doing any of the above. It increases it by double on another device.

Remember, photocopying is illegal. Do not try to photocopy coupons just to get an extra set. There are perfectly legitimate ways to get coupons with unique pins without photocopying. Coupons are tendered just like money, so remember if you photocopy, you’re basically printing currency because coupons help pay for your products. It’s not worth a hefty fine or legal action.

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