Printing Coupons The Easy Way!

Printing coupons can be frustrating sometimes. Once you understand what’s needed, it becomes very simple to do.

This post will hopefully help you find the right way to print coupons if you’ve been having some difficulty with them.


Please make sure:

  1. You have a physical printer set up as your default printer in your computer’s settings.

  2. There is enough toner and paper in your physical printer.

  3. You are opening the .fdf file with Adobe Reader. While many programs can open PDF files these days, we rely on security technologies unique to Adobe Reader.  You can get the latest version of Adobe Reader for free HERE.

  4. You have “Automatically trust documents with valid certification” selected in the Security (Enhanced) section of the Adobe Reader Preferences.

  5. You have “Enable Acrobat JavaScript” selected in the Adobe Reader settings. You can do that by going to Edit->Preferences->JavaScript and then checking off Enable Acrobat JavaScript.

  6. You have a working internet connection (WiFi, LAN)

Hopefully this helps you with those pesky fdf coupons which seem to be the new type of coupon which is difficult to print.

Most coupons on coupon pages require the use of both Adobe Reader and Javascript.

Once you’ve clicked on PRINT, you will have to open some files when using different browsers.

Some will automatically open for you.

To open a print file, click the the download that you see at the top right on your pc or bottom left (Chrome comes up bottom left), and it should open for you to print.

Looking for coupons to print? Check out our gallery of printable coupons HERE  

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